Information for exam venues

Venues must nominate a contact for the SQA. All material relating to the examinations will be sent to the nominated contact. The contact should be available on examination days in case we need to get a message to the examination room(s).

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The times of examinations will be:

SQA will notify venues of the number of candidates and the Chief Invigilator's details no later than one week before the examination date. The Chief Invigilator will allocate seat numbers for candidates. These must be displayed outside the examination room with a plan showing seat numbers.

The SQA will send all examination booklets to the Chief Invigilator, who will have overall responsibility for the conduct of the examinations and the return of materials to the SQA.

The SQA will appoint all invigilators. Invigilators will read the following exam instructions:

Exam instructions
  • Personal belongings such as briefcases or handbags must be left at the front of the room.
  • The use of calculators is not permitted.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off.
  • You must write in ink only.
  • You must enter your name and seat number on the examination booklet, and sign it.
  • No separate time is set aside for the study of questions and you may begin writing immediately. However, you are advised to read through the examination paper before attempting to answer the questions.
  • You are reminded that you may answer questions in any order. It is recommended that you attempt questions that you feel are more straightforward first, so giving yourself the maximum time in which to tackle questions of which you feel less confident.
  • During the examination you must not communicate with any other candidate; you must not copy from his or her booklet; you must not use any book or source of information on the subject of the examination other that the permitted texts; you must not in any way infringe the conditions necessary for the honest and orderly conduct of the examination. You must only write in the examination booklet. You must not remove any sheets from the examination booklet. Breaches of these rules will be reported to SQA. SQA will then take such action as appears appropriate. SQA instructs its examiners to report any case of suspected copying. If the evidence of copying appears indisputable, SQA will cancel ALL subjects of the candidate concerned.
  • Candidates will be advised of the final 30, 15 and 5 minutes of the examination.
  • No candidate may leave the examination room during the first 30 minutes or in the last 15 minutes.
  • Candidates are only required to record references to the 2009 'Carriage of Dangerous Goods And Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations' where one has been specifically asked for in a reference box within the examination paper.
  • Candidates are reminded that illegible handwriting may result in a loss of marks.
  • Invigilators can expel candidates from the examination room should serious disorder occur. The Chief Invigilator will report any incidents of irregular behaviour to SQA.
  • As we have said, SQA instructs its Markers and Invigilators to report any irregular behaviour. SQA may then cancel the papers of any candidate involved and may bar the candidate(s) from sitting the examinations again.
  • To ensure that examination conditions are uniform throughout all centres, no additional information or modification to an examination will be given to candidates without the authorisation of SQA.
  • An Invigilator will open the sealed envelope(s) containing the examination booklets in the examination room in the presences of candidates not more than 10 minutes before the examination start time.

Layout and environment of examination rooms

Entry to the examination room during an examination is only to be permitted to:

No noise or other disturbance to the candidates must be permitted in the vicinity of examination rooms.

A double desk or table must be provided for each candidate to allow for the use of permitted materials.

Examination rooms must be laid out to minimise any possibility of collusion between candidates.

Any material on display in the room likely to be of assistance to candidates must be removed.

Examination rooms must be set up NO LATER THAN 9 am on the morning of the examinations

Examination rooms must be open to inspection by representatives of the SQA.

Please note: Candidates may have grounds for appeal if the instructions about layout and environment are not followed.

Invoices for the use of examination rooms and any enquiries should be sent to:

Contract Services
The Optima Building
58 Robertson Street
G2 8DQ

Telephone: 0345 270 0123