Fees and transfers

You must submit the appropriate fee with the application form. The current fees are the following:

Number of subjects Price
1 subject £105
2 subject £210
3 subject £285
4 subject £390
Replacement VTC £30

Note: If you are sitting all 4 subjects please telephone SQA (0345 270 0123) in advance to ensure that this will be acceptable.


Payment of fees can be made by credit/debit cards. For credit/debit card payments we accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Visa debit. We cannot invoice individual candidates nor can we process BACS payments.



Candidates must submit a form to request a transfer via the Microsoft form and await communication from SQA.

If you choose to transfer the fees paid for DGSA examination(s) to a later date, you must do this before the closing date of the examination(s) you have applied for.  You then must attempt the examination(s) within the next two examination diets of your original examination date.  A fee of £20 will be charged for administration, made payable to DVSA.

If you choose to transfer to a later date after the closing date of the examination (two weeks prior and no later than 5 pm the day before the examination) then you must submit this request to SQA in writing where your request will be assessed on a case by case basis and must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

Please note that fees are not refundable in any other circumstances.



Examination fees paid to SQA may be refunded only when you are prevented, by accident or serious illness from attempting the examination(s) you applied for.  Applications for refunds must be submitted with a medical certificate and will be determined at the discretion of SQA.

Please note that fees are not refundable in any other circumstances.

Employers: Should an employee fail to make the exam for any reason SQA are unable to substitute the already enrolled candidate with any other person.