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Candidate results

We will normally issue results no later than eight weeks after the examination date. You will be sent a letter showing your results in each subject. Results are identified on a pass or fail basis only. Marks are not issued to candidates. If you have passed three examinations - core, one mode and one of the class papers - you will be issued with a VTC, which you must sign and date when you receive it. It will show the mode and class in which you have qualified. Your VTC will be valid for five years, after which you will have extend its validity if you wish to continue to operate as a DGSA. You can do this in the same way as gaining your original VTC up to 12 months before it expires.

If you have failed any examination(s), you can apply to SQA to sit again at any later examination date. However, you are advised to wait until you have your results before reapplying. You can hold any subject passes, but you must pass an appropriate combination of three papers within 12 months to qualify as a DGSA. If you do not, any passes become invalid and you will have to attempt the subject(s) again. In no circumstances will SQA issue candidates' results over the telephone.

Candidate pass rates

Download the Excel spreadsheet to view pass rates for previous examinations.

For further information see our candidate guidance.