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Upcoming Examinations are detailed below.

Please give a second choice of venue on your application form in case your first choice is not available. Please note that the availability of venues is dependent on the number of candidates. In the event that candidate numbers fall short of covering examination costs, SQA reserve the right to re-allocate candidates to another venue.

All enquiries about the examinations should be made to SQA and NOT the examination venues.

 2020 Examination Dates


Examination Dates

SQA will start taking enrolments from (day after previous exam)

Closing date for enrolments (3 weeks prior to exam)

Late enrolments (approx 2 weeks prior to exam) *

 05 March 2020

 22 November 2019

 12 February 2020

 19 February 2020

 11 June 2020 - CANCELLED




 17 September 2020

 12 June 2020

 27 August 2020

 03 September 2020

 26 November 2020

18 September 2020


 12 November 2020

* Any late candidate enrolments will be required to pay an additional fee of £20.00.

Examination Venues

A full list of up to date examination venues is available to download from the download section on this page.


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