How to gain a VTC

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Before their appointment, DGSAs must gain a Vocational Training Certificate (VTC) by passing approved examinations. The Department for Transport (DfT) is responsible for the approval of the examinations and it has appointed SQA as its agent. SQA is responsible, in conjunction with the DfT and its advisory panel, for:

  • Developing and issuing the syllabus for the examinations
  • Developing, conducting and marking the examinations
  • Issuing Vocational Training Certificates
  • Examinations are offered at centres throughout the UK. SQA provides a list of examination centres and dates.
  • The examination questions are prepared and moderated by experts in the industry. For each subject, a Principal Examiner, Reviser and a team of question setters are appointed by SQA, in consultation with the DfT. Markers are also appointed by SQA

How to gain a Vocational Training Certificate

To qualify as a DGSA or extend the validity of a VTC, you must undertake and successfully complete an examination in three subjects as follows:

  • Core paper
  • and one mode paper
  • Road or Rail or Inland Waterways
  • All Classes

You may only be employed as a DGSA in the mode(s) and class(es) you have passed, and hold a Vocational Training Certificate for.

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